Apparently Korea is having a little revolution on wedding gifts, or more specifically the alcohol that they gift. The popular drinks to consume, and thus gift, are/were whiskey and soju, a hard liquor distilled from grains and potatoes, but with people looking to show a little more class and make a healthy drinking alternative they are shifting over to wine. It is making a huge upsurge in corporate and wedding gifts and has even become popular enough that a gas and energy company is offering a free bottle of wine for every 650,000 won ($690) they purchase. This increase in wine doesn't stop in Korea though, it is a global increase. Perhaps it is because of better harvests or maybe just an increase in people's attitude of sophistication. Whatever the case wine is being drunk and there is sure to be groomsmen that wouldn't mind a nice personalized gift to do with that vine candy. Maybe a glass or a whole set or as a really nice groomsmen gift you could try a picnic accessory, a wine presentation case. However you go about your gifting make sure to keep in mind that wine is the classy drink, extend that class.