After spending some time reading stories from brides and bridesmaids and mothers and any other woman that can possibly be involved in a wedding, it seems there are a lot of party poopers out there, specifically women in these stories, that can't seem to get across the fact that two people are celebrating one of the most important days of there waking lives. Maybe it's a need for attention or maybe they just aren't that cheery a person to be around. Whatever the case there are solutions. Solution One: They need attention and you just need to show them (hopefully just once) that they are important in the wedding. A quick talk or a nice gift with a little note will probably solve that up quick. Solution Two: They aren't cheery and you realize this is the reason for groomsmen. Hopefully you've got them gifts that are able to carry a friendly intoxicant we like to call liquor. After enjoying their friendly gifts they'll probably be likely to approach Ms. Unruly and get a little something going. If their charm still can't seem to penetrate the rusty mood, and once all the guests are a bit tired of her, then hopefully by that time your groomsmen will be willing make a few sharp comments. You'll probably have to deal with an angry face and a few tears at first, but after that she's either gone or in a much better mood. Problem solved. Thanks groomsmen!

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