There's going to be a ton of people busting their butt to make your wedding day a success. You know you've got to appreciate the hard work of your groomsman with awesome groomsmen gifts from, but what about the little guy? That is just a metaphor, he doesn't have to be little or a guy for that matter. However, there will be children on your wedding day you'll need to remember. Here are some quick, easy and inexpensive gifts for the ringbearer and flower girl so you can recognize everyone (not just the groomsmen) at your wedding.

Wedding Gifts for the Ring Bearer

We can start with the real little guy of the wedding, the ring bearer. The job of the ring bearer is a little antiquated because traditionally you give the rings to the best man. The Wikipedia article on the ring bearer says that you should give him fake rings sewn onto a satin pillow, and I guess if you know what's good for you, it's not the best idea to give the kid a chance to lose the real rings. In any case, the ring bearer looks cute roaming down the isle. Set him up with a Rawlings Min Baseball Bat or a Personalized Steel Harmonica for adding the great Kodak moment to your big day. By the way, the harmonica adds an extra special treat for the ring bearer's parents on the car ride home. And it also makes a fun groomsmen gift!

Wedding Gifts for The Flower Girl

As for miss cutie-patootie flower girl, this wedding will go down as a big-time childhood memory. She might be too young to understand that when everyone's eyes seem to be on her, they are actually looking past the bow on her head to the beautiful bride. It's like going on stage right before the Beatles... but hey, someone's got to be the opening act. Make sure the little girl glows as she walks down the isle by giving her a Personalized Heart Necklace, or you can be her big hero by giving her the Personalized Crystal Petals Flower Girl Set.

Wedding Tip:

The best way to make your wedding a success is to make sure everyone involved feels like it's their special day too. Don't just thank your all-important groomsmen with groomsmen gifts - pamper your littlest party members with presents and don't forget a gift for the bride.