Life in the Fast Lane, a site that reports on unusual, offbeat news and weird science reported a story on an unusual robot, Tiro, that performed the master of ceremonies for Seok Jaeto and his new bride Daejeon, 78 miles south of Seoul, South Korea. You can bet this groom gave remote control cars as groomsmen gifts. Tiro the Robot MC'd the wedding and apparently the groomsmen were additional small robots who handled the duties of seating people as well as provided performances for the happy couple, and the whole thing has us wondering aloud...what exactly do you think would make suitable groomsmen gifts for robots? A can of oil, perhaps? A bag of nuts and bolts? We don't pretend to have the answer to that groomsmen gifts question, but we find this article fascinating. The only thing that has us a little nervous is at the bottom of the page they announced that the Korean government unveiled a high-tech, machine gun carrying sentry robot that would help troops along the border. Didn't they see Robocop? Those things go haywire and kill people...lots of people! Darn that O.C.P. with the ED-209!!

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