The father-daughter dance should be one of the most special moments of a wedding. Appropriate songs for the father-daughter dance include: "In My Life," "Butterfly Kisses" or "My Father's Eyes." Inappropriate songs include anything you'd hear at a night club.

This father-daughter dance takes a sickening turn when the DJ turns on Baby Got Back. We love Sir Mix A Lot, but this song should be ban from weddings all together. When it starts, the bridesmaids (big bottom or small) jump to the dance floor with delusions of dancing grandeur. And ultimately, one of them bumps you with their hip and you fly off the dance floor in a flurry of embarrassment (ahem). GroomStand Hint: Grooms, if your groomsmen gifts happen to be bridesmaids, now would be the time to get your friends on the floor and start working as the wing man.

The cardinal rule of Baby Got Back is that you NEVER dance to it with your male relatives! And under absolutely no circumstances with your dad. Not funny. Not even remotely cute. Everyone knows the lyrics (it's also a popular karaoke song), so the guests must have been mystified or totally creeped out when they heard this. And where is the groom? We half expected him to show up and steal her away in the middle of the song. That would have made more sense.

Now that we burned your eyes out with that video and feel really bad, how about some groomsmen gifts for the holidays? Shopping for groomsmen gifts has never been easier. We hand-picked the Top Ten Holiday Gifts for Groomsmen so take a peek. And check back with us periodically for horrendous dance videos, holiday happenings, and a gaggle of groomsmen gifts.