If You Like This Video, Get Your Guys Dance Lessons as Groomsmen Gifts

We love weddings with surprises. Ok, maybe not surprises like your groomsmen falling face first into fondant, but we're usually delighted by surprise dance numbers. If you have two left feet, save yourself the embarrassment and stay off the dance floor. Not every wedding can be Dancing with the Stars.

Couples that go beyond the awkward back-and-forth sway (so eighth grade) deserve recognition. For the wedding dance Hall of Fame, we'll count down and score the best wedding dance videos, starting with this number. And please, get your buddies some dance lessons as groomsmen gifts. Otherwise, you might appear in our upcoming Hall of Shame.

Congrats to couple number one in our Wedding Dance Hall of Fame. This couple has the robot down pat. GroomStand's Dance Score: 8/10. Those goofy faces they make during the dance lowered their score by 2 points.

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