Yo quiero Wedding Bells. An off-beat couple from "Normal," Illinois (the irony isn't lost on us) recently tied the knot at Taco Bell. According to Pantagraph.com, the wedding of Caragh and Paul Brooks cost a total of $200. We wonder what he ordered for groomsmen gifts? " I'll have five cheesy beef burritos, hold the hot sauce."

Delicious Wedding Details

"It's appropriate" the groom said of the Taco Bell choice. "It's an off-beat relationship and we figured this would off-beat." Off-beat doesn't begin to describe it. The bride wore a $15 hot-pink dress and the groom donned a funky lavender tie.

Several dozen invited guests, Taco Bell employees and customers looked on as the couple said their vows in a decked-out orange booth. Ryan Green, a tee-shirt-clad minister (ordained online) married the couple. In a final cinnamon twist to this fast food love story, the couple met online and shares the same last name. It's a weird coincidence; they aren't related. We hope they don't decide to hyphenate, although Brooks-Brooks has a nice ring.

"This is the way to go - there's no stress", said the groom's mother, Kathy Brooks. Well, the couple might not have to find bridesmaid gifts and groomsmen gifts, caterers, or florists, but Taco Bell can be stressful. Like when there's a long line at the drive through and your about to pass out from hunger or your tacos come out cold.

See the Bride and Groom in Fast-Food Action

If you can't possibly picture such a wedding, see the bride and groom in fast-food action. Then take our poll and tell us what you think. Our vote: cheesy and ridiculous. Years from now, they'll still call her the burrito bride.

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