Get your good luck groomsmen gifts ready! It's freaky Friday the 13th, and the day before Valentine's Day. Rather than going all cupid on you, we're spotlighting Valentine's Day mishaps, massacres, and general unluckiness. Perfect proposals and petals are sweet but they won't make you laugh. Blurry heart tattoos, epic fail proposals, and cake massacres are a different story. Warning: not for the faint of heart.

Valentine's Day Cake

According to Cake Wrecks (our primary source for bad wedding cakes), this Valentine's Day cake was actually a "huge" compliment when Stephen received it from his girlfriend. Lucky Steve. But so not funny if Steve would have given this to his girl.

Heart Sick Valentine's Day Gifts

We already warned you about the worst Valentine's Day gifts for her, bad groomsmen gifts, and wedding presents you don't want to open. Poo-shaped chocolate proves that society has sunk to a new toilet-humor low. Any guy who presents his betrothed with these novelty chocolates will surely get dumped. Poo pun fully intended

Hearts of Horrors

Dime-sized heart tattoos on the shoulder blade look incredibly cute. Detailed replicas of the human heart with all it's ventricles, aortas, and "stuff" makes normal people heart sick. Why aren't people getting tattoos of other organs? What, no love for the liver?

The aforementioned heart tattoo was disgusting enough. This cutesy cupid heart would delight most of us ....except it's on her eyeball! Wear your hearts on your sleeves people. She probably gets tired of people telling her she's got something in her eye. She totally has to get a tattoo explaining her tattoo.

Heart-Felt Valentine's Day Proposal Gone Wrong

Here's a Friday 13 Valentine's proposal that went awfully, lawfully, wrong. When a woman goes running into the crowd after you propose, she's just not that into you. We wonder how his team did after she shatters his heart on the court? GroomStand hint: If you're nervous about "asking" your guys to stand up on the Big Day, pair this Will You Be My Groomsmen Cookie Card with groomsmen gifts. He'll say yes for sure!

Ready to start shopping? Find top-notch groomsmen gifts and more at GroomStand. Happy Friday and Happy Valentine's Day.