If your groomsmen dig Tranformers, they'll love these groomsmen gifts:

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen - the Michael Bay action-packed sequel - opens in theaters nationwide today. If the summer blockbuster list is the last thing on your mind this wedding season, consider these ideas to transform those lackluster groomsmen gifts into something you know they'll cherish and use for years.

Personalized Lock Back Knife

    • Lock-Back Knives are just the handy pocket tool your friends have been looking for. Slim enough to keep by your side at all times, this lock-back knife is sturdy and so useful that he'll never want to part with this retractable piece of art. And not only is the Personalized Lock-Back Knife a gift he'll appreciate, at under 15 dollars, this piece of merchandise won't mean you'll break the bank on your summer wedding groomsmen gifts.

Personalized 13-Function Army Knife

Personalized 13 Function Army Knife
    • The 13-Function Army Knife is the handyman life-saver. And since all us guys have a little handymen in us in spirit, this useful Army Knife will be warmly welcomed if you present it to your groomsmen as a groomsmen gift. Another transforming groomsmen gift that is sure to convert your friends into more productive mates. Now there's something you both can appreciate!

Personalized Yukon Lock Back Knife

Personalized Yukon Lock Back Knife
  • The rich wood grain and elegant silver fittings allows this Yukon knife to satisfy both the outdoorsy groomsmen, and the classy elegant groomsman. If your friends dress for success on those more formal of occasions, but also don't mind getting their hands dirty on those weekend camping trips, this Personalized Yukon Lock-Back Knife is just the groomsmen gift you're looking for.