On a scale from one to awesome, the hip flask is pretty freakin cool. It's the ultimate gesture of dudeitude (in case you missed it, that's a mix of the words gratitude and dudeness).

The only problem with these snazzy groomsmen gifts are that when you combine alcohol with a group of dudes, the sum of the outcome is never on the brilliant side. Here are a few helpful tips so your groomsmen can hold onto their flasks beyond the weekend.

Top Ten Worst uses for a Flask

    1. Emergency athletic supporter - Find something else that's hard, curved and that can fit around your junk.
    1. Travel-sized shampoo carrier - Afterward, your whiskey will forever more have the slight hint of Pantene Pro-v.
    2. Mouthwash container in your car - The rumors will really fly when Jim in sales spies you taking a nip every time you leave the company parking lot.
    3. A hiking canteen - When you're out of breath and need a drink, scotch might not be the best thing to quench your thirst.
    1. An Urn - Although you'd love to honor dear old Uncle Mike for all the times he inappropriately pinched your fiance's ass.
    1. As a nametag - If people use your personalized flask to identify your passed out body... you might drink too much.
    2. As a ninja throwing star - Trust me, after a few swigs with your groomsmen it will sound like an awesome idea.
    3. As an ice pack for your kid's lunch - At least the school will know that probably won't be your last emergency parent/teacher conference.
    1. To hold feminine hygiene products - It's time for a dude intervention if your best man has to carry his girl's tampons in the cigar compartment of his Stainless Steel & Leather Flask with Cigar Holder.
  1. As a container for breast milk - Especially if you don't have a baby.