Conan O'Brien and David Letterman refused to shave during the writers' strike. Hockey players sprout full beards during the playoffs every year. And who could forget in 2004 when the clean-shaven Yankees lost the American League Championship to the grizzly Red Sox? Seems like solidarity beards and mustaches are the newest way to bond with your boys.
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Mustache Mania

Requesting your guys not to shave might make you seem like a groomzilla, so sweeten the deal with quality groomsmen gifts. Bridesmaids flaunt "go bride," spirit with matching glitter tank tops and jewelery. You and your groomsmen can show solidarity with Tom Selleck mustaches and these groomsmen t-shirts. If you decide matching mustaches are the way to go, keep them nicely trimmed. There is nothing worse than unkempt facial hair.

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Grizzly Groomsmen

Whether you and your groomsmen grow goatees, soul patches, or 5 o'clock shadows, get the bride's approval first. She probably won't want pictures of you and your handlebar mustache, no matter how fantastic it is. To avoid such a scenario (and many, many tears) shave off the stubble as part of a bachelor party ritual. Give your guys the luxury of an old-fashioned shave with this shaving kit.

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Wedding Facial Hair Ins and Outs

You don't have to study pogonology to know what's in and what's out. Just look around. Pencil-thin mustaches and chin straps are out. Short, bristly beards and five o'clock shadows (think George Clooney) stay in style. When in doubt, go au naturel or ask your best men what looks best. For shaving kits, groomsmen gifts, and more shop GroomStand.