Every Friday, Groomstand will feature a WTF. Before you read on, get your mind out of the gutter - WTF means Work Time Fun. Each week, we'll feature wedding news, odd stories, hideous wedding cakes, and anything else that makes you ask, wtf? Finally, relief from your hectic workweek and a break from shopping for those groomsmen gifts.

This week's WTF - According to the The Flint Journal, a giant gourd is missing in Michigan. Bill Teer, the owner of the pumpkin suspects thieves pilfered it from his front yard. Preposterous - it weighs 450 pounds! How come a nosy neighbor didn't see the pumpkin being driven away in a pickup truck or being rolled down the street? It's a little suspicious that no one saw anything. WTF?

Missing posters are up. Teer is offering $200 for the pumpkin's safe return. Hopefully, the pumpkin is returned safely before someone carves it up, digs out the pumpkin seeds, or worse - smashes it on a teacher's driveway. Poor pumpkin, it's probably shivering all alone in a basement somewhere. In the immortal words of Linus Van Pelt, "oh Great Pumpkin, wtf are you?"

Glad to provide you with a weekly wtf. But now it's time to get back to those groomsmen gifts. Shop GroomStand. for everything you'll need on the Big Day. And if you're in Michigan keep a look out for that gargantuan gourd.