Not everyone has a rehearsal dinner before the wedding, but there are few reasons to skip it. Normally, the rehearsal dinner is an informal gathering the night before the big day. It gives an opportunity for the wedding party to mingle in a low key setting, and also serves as the podium for the bride and groom to thank everyone involved with the wedding planning. Here are some tips from GroomStand so you make the most of the opportunity.

Who plans the wedding rehearsal?

If you're going the traditional route, the parents of the groom normally pick up the bill for this shindig. To take it a step further, the mother of the groom is the person on point to plan the party. If her taste doesn't match with yours, or especially the brides, it's OK. Most people know that the bride and groom have enough going on, and since this is normally an informal event, the only thing people will be worried about is having a good time. Sit down with Mother to let her know what you'd like the day to be like, and make sure to give your mother a gift of love for all her hard work with a Personalized Heart Compact Mirror.

Since practice makes perfect, most people use the rehearsal as an opportunity to make a run-through of the wedding (think of Jr. High school play dress rehearsal). To keep a lighter mood, it's not uncommon for wedding parties to plan a theme around the day.

Awesome wedding rehearsal ideas:

    1. BBQ Hoedown - Have some knee slappin' fun in the backyard with a barbecue and fiddle music. This is a super-de-duper informal approach, and if money is tight, there is always an option to make it a potluck. Since you're all outside, this is a great chance to pull out your groomsmen gifts of the Personalized Chrome Plated Flask w/ cigar holder and light up a stogy with your best buds.
  1. Bowling party - Skip the party setup by throwing a strike at the local bowling lane. Rent a party room, and if they don't sell their own food, cater it with whatever you like. If you're still trying to keep it swanky, some bowling alleys like Lucky Strikes have a dress code to maintain a posh and upscale atmosphere. To the winner of the first annual whatever-your-last-name-is tournament, hand out a personalized bowling pub sign with your name on it.
  2. Rock out with roller skates - Renting out a skating rink isn't that expensive. Just like a bowling alley, they have the same party facilities and should be pretty relaxed about bringing in catered food. Although this is probably the coolest idea on the list, double-check your guest list to make sure everyone is able body enough to skate around with a disco ball shining in their eyes.
  1. Casino Night - Find out how lucky you are with a casino themed party. While this might take some extra room, setting up tables for poker, craps or bingo will allow your wedding party to mingle with each other at their own pace. To set the mood for the night, send your wedding party personalized poker playing cards as invitations to your wedding rehearsal.
  • Wine tasting - Class up your back yard with an outdoor wine tasting. As a way to save money, have your guests bring one bottle of a wine of their choice to the party. This will give you the best chance of providing a wide variety of colors and flavors. Have your groomsmen see our posting on How to Pop the Cork, and set them up with a Personalized Wine Accessory Gift Set as great groomsmen gifts for helping the wedding party open their bottles.
  • No matter what kind of wedding rehearsal you choose, a well planned one can be just as memorable as the wedding without breaking the bank. Have a great time, and keep that party rolling into the next day.