The bride has been making fashion statements throughout the wedding. This dress is by so-and-so. This veil was #1 in whatever magazine. It's time for you to put your own man stamp on this wedding. Just seconds after you and the bride are married; you'll hold hands and burst back down the aisle to find the car of your dreams waiting to take you on your first newlywed adventure. Don't just think getting the car of your dreams is only going to feed your own ego, it's one of the best groomsmen gifts you can deliver.

Finding the Ideal Car

If you're a classic guy, you can easily find a limo to take your unimaginative butt around town in style. Most places charge an hourly rate on limos that range anywhere from $50 to $200, and normally require you to sign up for a minimum hourly charge of 2-5 hours. So, if you've always had your eye on rollin' in a stretch Hummer, it's going to cost you around $1000. Get your money's worth by taking your groomsmen around the block a few times before the ceremony, which also gives you the chance to hand out Personalized Brushed Metal Flasks as groomsmen gifts.

stretch hummer.JPG

If you're the kind of guy that wants to get his own hands behind the wheel, renting a sports car isn't far out of the realm. If you have the cash, there are only a few factors that might get in the way:

  1. You need to live near a major city. If you're out in Middle America, it's hard enough to find a descent selection in Volkswagen, much less Ferrari.
  2. You're going to be driving. Some of these cars can cost a few hundred thousand dollars. You're going to need enough confidence that you don't dump the clutch as you make your getaway, and you'll have to be sober as the priest. On the other hand, you could pawn the driving job off to someone in your wedding party and call it a last second groomsmen gift.

If you're cool on both those fronts, a rough estimate for renting a newish Ferrari 360 Spider will run you $1100 dollars for a day. Otherwise, if you're ok with driving a cool car that you actually see on the road like a BMW M6 Convertible, or a Mercedes Benz SL, it will run you around $500 for the day.

ferrari 360.jpg

Decorating the Getaway Car

Normally, it's the job of the groomsmen to smear up the back window with the 'just married' sign. As far as tips and tricks with any car, beware of using shaving cream for this stunt. Shaving cream or gel will be fine on the back window, but it can damage the paint. A better alternative is a bar of soap. You might not be able to see it as well, but you can give it to the ring bear and he won't destroy anything.

Back in the day, it was tradition to tie shoes to the back bumper. The original thought was that leather was thought to ward off evil spirits (that's what I use in my home!) and leather shoes were a logical choice to keep the bride and groom safe. Nowadays, people tie tin cans (or anything that makes noise) to the inside of the trunk. Most of the time rental companies aren't down with you dragging something with their expensive product, so a better alternative might be hooking streamers and balloons to the outside of the car.