"It's not awkward, unless we let it be awkward," is not an awesome explanation you want coming out of your groomsmen. We all have good intentions when we say those little quips in an applicative tone, but sometime you can feel like you just slapped someone across the face with a gut wrenching critique.

Disguising insults as praise is an easy inadvertent gaffe, so use this list of wedding backhanded compliments as a groomsmen gift to help your buddies abide by proper etiquette.

Top Ten Backhanded Compliments to the Bride

  1. You clean up much better than I expected.
  2. That dress does wonders to hide your figure.
  3. Wow, I didn't know how great you look in white. I thought you were going to wear a different color.
  4. It's amazing that someone from the trailer park could throw a party like this.
  5. How on earth did you learn the Macarena so well?
  6. Those blackheads aren't that bad, they form the cutest design.
  7. Your makeup is wonderful, it really makes your nose look smaller.
  8. What I like about your decorating is that it says, "I've got better things to spend my money on."
  9. A strapless dress. You must have tons of confidence in your inner beauty
  10. It's incredible. You don't look pregnant at all!