Nowadays, groomsmen are a set piece to the modern day wedding. Not only do they represent the unbreakable bonds of friendship and family that made the groom who he is today, they also act as an unpaid workforce that busts their butts so the wedding can go off without a hitch. We all know that groomsmen work hard to deserve their groomsmen gifts, but their role in the wedding day has gotten a lot easier over time. Take a trip back in time as examines some incredible and bizarre groomsmen origin stories.

Where did Groomsmen come from?

So we all know that once upon a time, weddings really didn't have anything to do with two people falling in love. When we look at the Dark Ages (for all you non-history buffs, I'm talking about the Middle Ages in Europe when there wasn't a whole lot of learnin' going on), the groom would assemble a search party made up of his family and friends when there wasn't a suitable bride in the groom's village. Remember when you and the boys would go on the prowl for chicks back in the day? Well, this takes it to a whole new level as the groom's party literally went on the hunt for a bride by capturing a woman from a nearby community. It would when be up to the groomsmen to fight off the bride's family and make a clear path for the groom and his newly acquired prize to make their escape.

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