GroomStand knows that you care what you look like on your wedding day. The last think you want to do is look like a jackass in a cream-colored ruffled shirt. Come on, your wedding is the most photographed day of your life.

Looking your best with everyone else

Isn't it ironic then, that you make such a fuss about looking your best for your wedding even though you end up wearing the same tuxedo as your groomsmen? Maybe you can pawn this off as one of your groomsmen gifts, and give your buddies a chance to stand at the altar and share in your good looks. But the reality is, your buddies are dressing up just like you because someone told you that's what you're supposed to do.

Welcome to another round of Groomsmen origin stories, where we at give you our take on some of the bizarre and unexplained wedding traditions.

Why do groomsmen dress like the groom?

This origin story feeds off the story of the original groomsmen. Back in the Dark Ages, when a wedding party triumphantly returned from capturing a bride from a neighboring village, it was common practice for that scorned village to cast a curse on the new bride and groom. When it came to the wedding day, men and women in the wedding party would dress identical to the bride and groom so they could confuse those pesky evil demons sent from other village.

It's never explained if anyone reasoned that the other people in the wedding party should have an equal opportunity of being cursed, but the logic seemed to work and it gave an outstanding cop out excuse if the couple wasn't compatible. Many different cultures have borrowed and manipulated this tradition to make it what we practice today.

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