The hands-down, numero uno, best part of a wedding has got to be leaving for the honeymoon. All the planning is finally freaking over, and most importantly, your awesome groomsmen gifts of the Engraved English Tavern Tankard are in the hands of your best men.

Now that it's time for some relaxin', you might start to wonder what the hell moons or honey have to do with during a bride and groom love fest vacation? Well, start watching your step because is dropping knowledge on our take of all these wacky and zany wedding traditions.

The origin of the honeymoon

Apparently, a ton of these wedding stories started off with the groom or groomsmen capturing some poor chick from the next town over (to catch up on these origin stories see the Role of the Original Groomsmen). The word honeymoon has roots to the Norse word "hjunottsmanathr".

Ok, so I don't know how to pronounce that word, but what I do know is that after the bride was captured, the groomsmen would force the groom and bride (most of the time against her will) to stay in hiding until the bride's family stopped looking for her. In the easiest sense, the word means "hiding".

Where does the honey and the moon come in?

Another Scandinavian honeymoon tradition says that the bride and groom should slug down this honey wine called mead everyday for an entire month (aka a moon cycle). This mead stuff is sweet and strong, which made it the beverage of choice for Vikings to go three-sheets to the wind. The idea was that mead has unexplainable attributes that increase fertility, but you can imagine after a month of being drunk and horny off this stuff, your little lady is bound to have a bun in the oven.

Have some fun with your buddies after your wedding by presenting them personalized wine glasses and share a bottle of mead. If you don't end up pillaging a village, you'll help your friends get one step closer to going on their own honeymoon.