One of the all-time best gifts to the groom during the bachelor party is the sexy lady jumping out of the cake. Cake is good. A hot stripper is good. The combination of the two is extra-double good. If you've ever wondered who in their right mind thought it was a good idea to unite these two forces of awesomeness to make the greatest of groomsmen gifts, you're in luck! Welcome to GroomStand's exploration of crazy and bizarre wedding traditions with our take on groomsmen origin stories.

Animals jumping out of cakes

Surprisingly, this story doesn't start out with a nobleman's perverse sexual fantasy of forcing naked women to escape from giant pastries (that came later). Back in the 17th century, bakers and pastry chefs showcased their best work at banquets for kings and noblemen (think of an old school version of Ace of Cakes). One of the ways they used to show off was by concocting awe-inspiring pies filled with living animals. When an unsuspecting patron cut open this pastry, it was common for them to find a flock of flying birds and an army of frogs plotting their escape.

Women jumping out of cakes

This whole idea of beautiful women jumping-out-of-the-cake-routine didn't actually start until 1895. At a bachelor party for architect Stanford White, a photo of a woman popping out of pie surfaced on the front page of a New York newspaper. This cover story exposed some of the quirky party tricks practiced by the upper echelon of New York's wealthiest. The story then made infamous when the jealous millionaire husband of the beautiful cake jumper later shot Stanford White point blank in the face at a musical in Madison Square Garden.

Surprisingly, there is no validity to the notion that women used to jump out of a "real" cake. All the accounts through history seem to talk about women or animals jumping out of pie crusts, and the only cakes strippers are popping out of these days are not very edible. Either way you go about it, when people or pets are jumping out of cakes, it's the sign of a good party. Make sure your party animal friends take a party sign home with them with groomsmen gifts of this personalized pub sign as a moment for memories that will last for years.