You may not work in a glossy Madison Avenue ad agency, but other than that you and your buddies are pretty much identical to the guys on Mad Men. You drink. You make risque jokes. You're totally brilliant yet critically under-appreciated. If you are at a loss for what to get your guys as groomsmen gifts, take a cue from AMC's surprise hit show Mad Men. Not only can you get great gift inspiration, you can bill your hours spent in front of the tube as "groomsmen gifts' research." Roger Sterling would be proud. Speaking of which, let's read on..... Groomsmen Gifts for the Roger Sterling of the Group Every groomsmen posse includes a wizened elderly mentor who regales his younger cronies with war stories of fast times, beautiful women and daring brushes with danger. The groomsmen look up to him. The bride has her doubts about the so-called "wisdom" but can never help but squelch a smile over the old guy's charm. For the Roger Sterling in the group, it's all about iconic groomsmen gifts that pay homage to his classic bachelor status. (On a marital note: did you know the actress Talia Balsam that plays Roger's wife Mona on Mad Men is his wife in real life too!? Awww...) For Roger, only these elegant monogrammed drinking tumblers will do! Add elegance to your buddy's liquid lunches (is there any other kind?) with these refined personalized groomsmen gifts. Groomsmen Gifts for the Ken Cosgrove in Your Group Next up, what else to get for the golden boy but a gold-plated golf club? Ken Cosgrove ("I'm Ken!") is arguably the most All-American of the Mad Men bunch. Cosgrove is the smooth-talking account manager with all the swagger that natural athletic ability provides-although his writing success does suggest hidden depths. For the all-around "good guy" in your group, you can't lose with sports groomsmen gifts to remind him of his favorite pastimes. Unless you're Salvatore, in which case you'll probably want to get him this pen to remind him of his more...."literary" side. Groomsmen Gifts for the Don Draper in the Group From the golden boy to the dark horse! There is only one brand of groomsmen gifts that work for the enigma that is Don Draper. They have to be classic, dapper, and not-to-personal. When it comes to groomsmen gifts for the man in the gray flannel suit, there is only one choice. We speak of course, of the ever classy, ever ubiquitous personalized Zippo lighter. From the second Don lights up in the Mad Men pilot "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" it's hard to tell through the smokescreen what drives this mysterious, occasionally compassionate character. The lighter is the perfect present for such a smoldering guy, and the personalization will be a helpful hint when he's stealing identities. If you've got a man with a past in your groomsmen party, a guy a little more strong and silent than the rest, classic smoking groomsmen gifts are a good non-invasive choice. Groomsmen Gifts for the Salvatore in the Group For the man who watches Jackie Kennedy's fashion with anything but abject boredom, only personalized grooming accessories will do. Salvatore may be suffering the repression of the not-yet-swinging sixties, but that doesn't mean he can't appreciate beauty and pampering in his own home. For your buddy who's cool with "manscaping" and who doesn't mind a little good-natured ribbing about his Planet Beach membership, grooming groomsmen gifts are the way to go! Follow these instructions, and your groomsmen gifts can also be a surprise hit! Shop Groomstand for personalized groomsmen gifts for the whole cast.