Your intrepid groomsmen, led by the most intrepid of all, yourself (well it is you that's getting married!), are going to be there for you through all of your adventures and explorations. Basically that "all" boils down to the occasional couples vacation where the ladies are present too. That steam that comes off though is the result of some good old camping with the guys. Nothing is more relaxing and fun than the forest with close friends, regardless of the activities. Guaranteed though your groomsmen and you will be out having fun and, at least for them, using their groomsmen gifts. This is of course relative to the foresight you had when choosing their gifts. It is safe to say that this hasn't happened yet with you being here, but why not check out some options for the outdoors. Two of the most essential components to outdoor functioning are a solid compass and steel multitool. Knowing direction and being able to interact with things are important while out camping, making this gift the perfect mix of the two. No matter where you go with these gifts though your groomsmen and you will be glad for your camping companionship.

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