You can Rent or you can Buy

Either way, picking out a tuxedo is tricky. If you're like most guys, donning formal wear is not part of everyday life. Why is a tuxedo different? What color does it need to be? Will I look like a penguin? What groomsmen gifts can I get so my buddies don't look like they just rolled off the couch? These are all important questions to ask. Prepare to watch your step because GroomStand is dropping some straight tux tips.

What is a Tuxedo?

The tux is used for semi-formal to formal events. Sometimes it's called black tie, and in Britain, it's called a dinner jacket. If you want to pull off the look of 007, the tux will need these elements:

  • A dinner jacket with silk facings (that means the lapel is shinny)
  • Trousers with silk braids matching the lapels
  • A white dress shirt with a stiff cotton or pleated front
  • Engraved cufflinks (silver square or silver oval are a classic touch)
  • A black silk bow tie
  • Black dress socks
  • Black shoes, either patent or high polish leather
  • Black cummerbund or low-cut waist coat (this isn't a make or break rule)

    Jacket Tips

    Since a black jacket shows hues of green under artificial light, the only other acceptable dinner jacket color is midnight blue. Don't pull a Father of the Bride moment; if everyone is wearing black and you wear blue, you will stand out. Otherwise, guys can rock the white dinner jacket in warm climates during the summer months.

    Stylin' Groomsmen Gifts

    As for your groomsman, they need to make a good impression too. Sometimes you only look as good as the friends around you. If they follow this advice and they're dressed to the nines, make sure you've got their back with stylin' groomsmen gifts like personalized money clips or flasks to go with their tux.

    The rules of a tuxedo are a little ridged, but it's for good reason. If the groom wears a tux, it is to look good, but not better than the bride. This is her big day, and she gets all the attention. So when all eyes are on her, keep these tips in mind so you look your best when her eyes are on you.