Yes, that's right this Personalized Black Leather top of the line flask is completely germ free (Not FDA approved). That means that your groomsmen can take this handsome and VERY upscale flask and share it with their friends and have virtually no risk of exchanging cooties of any kind (Note: there is no scientific proof for or against this claim). We would even go so far as to say that you could fill this baby with your favorite gut rot bourbon and share it with the local homeless man hanging outside the liquor store in a tent and even after passing it back and forth several times exchanging swigs you'll not catch that enormous cold sore that he's got growing out of the side of his mouth (Good god, please don't try this at home!). All right, perhaps we're pushing it a bit by suggesting that giving gifts of this lovely personalized flask will suddenly turn you into a super hero and leave you impervious to all viruses and bacterial infections, but we think it's pretty cool and we're certain your favorite groomsmen, best man and everyone in your wedding party will feel the same way.

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