This article will make you want to buy your boys groove lessons. WSJ Online wrote an article called, "The First Dance Spins Out of Control" which is all about brides, groom and occasionally wedding party attendants that do these well thought out and intricate dance numbers. My first thought was, if I was a groomsman and the groom-to-be told me I needed to rehearse for weeks to get proficient in the Thriller Zombie dance, I would be like, "dude, I'm going to stand next to you, give you two a gift, so why don't you bust out the groomsman giftfor me so we can move on with our lives?" - Now that, of course, was until I actually saw the Thriller dance wedding videos that were highlighted on Good Morning America. All right, it was pretty cool. I'll even go beyond that and say it was shockingly cool. How about nearly 2 million YouTube views already? That'll tell you a little something about how high the interest is in being a voyeur and a wedding crasher of sorts. We are and will continually be fascinated with new love and the union of two people starting their lives together. I would write more, but I just got my new M.J. Thriller CD from - gotta practice my moves.

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