I've realized that in recent years I've needed a notebook for work, a notebook for my home business, a notebook for my personal billing and I keep these notebooks in various places throughout my home, car and office. How great would it be to have that one, highly constructed, top-notch quality, grade-A notebook for myself and for giving as groomsmen gifts that before now I don't think existed? Who wants to buy five different colored notebooks and planners on January 1st of each year and try to keep everything intact and in order? We all need an ace in the hole, right? That one suit that you know makes you look your best. We want that one cocktail that you can count on to get you toasted yet not make you end up praying to the porcelain god. We all want one love, right? (Except me, of course). Well, we also want the one notebook that we can count on. That one place where the information superhighway of our lives can reside peacefully giving us the comfort of knowing that our important documents are being held and covered in high-quality brown American steer hide that exists in the Colonel Littleton's No. 19 Notebook Find me a notebook that has well designed diagonal pockets, three rings for notebook organization, a business card holder and a fancy schmancy leather strap with a brass snap to keep it all together, and I'll find you a supermodel who cleans, cooks, gives you money and loving when ever you demand it. Well, now that Littleton has delivered this expansive little beauty, I guess I need to go on a supermodel hunt. If I find her, however, I'm keeping her! Give the Colonel a test spin and drop me a comment. I want to know if it's just me or if you think this thing is the coolest thing for yourself and for groomsmen gifts since volume buttons on steering wheels.