Of all the weddings taking place there is one thing that can be related to each, the lack of attention placed on groomsmen. In most weddings people simply observe how lovely the bride and bridesmaids look, while they chit-chat about how cute the flower girls and ring bearers are when they walk in the wrong direction a few times, oh so cute. So of course the tots and ladies are going to be noticed, that's just how it is. And this works for most guys just fine, being the center of attention isn't what they want. They're there to support you on your big day. They're there for you. Give them your respect and admiration. Time and money have come out of their schedules and checkbooks and you owe it to them to get groomsmen gifts that will capture you're gratitude for that. There are plenty of options, it's just a matter of choosing something that your groomsmen will appreciate. It might be a nice personalized shaving set, or a stylish flask, or maybe just a classy money clip and knife combo, each thank-worthy in its own right. On the other hand your groomsmen may just want the attention, which means you get to play quick matchmaker at the reception for them, hello bridesmaids!