Are you obsessed with your shoes? Are you the non-homosexual Imelda Marcos in your neighborhood? Do you find that twenty-five pairs of shoes are still somehow just not quite enough to get the job done day in and day out and you're considering getting your best friends groomsmen gifts of super-rare Nikes just so they'll understand? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you just might be shoe obsessed. Now, I offer you no real cure for your addiction. I can't come up with any solid reasons for you to "just say no" when you feel the overwhelming need to add a fifteenth pair of Aldo's or Rockports. What I can tell you is that to take care of these hush puppies the right way, you'll need to feed and water them (so to speak) properly. The best way to do this is to make sure you have the proper shoe shine kit to keep your leather beauties in primo condition, and give them as groomsmen gifts, too. If you took an hour and grabbed a dozen of your favorite pair of shoes and utilized the tools in this well thought out shoe care kit while absorbing your favorite show, you'd be amazed at what you would come away with. Basically you'd think you just went shopping and bought a dozen awesome looking new shoes! How do I know this to be fact? Because I'm that closet shoe sicko that I described above, and a few buddies and I received these kits as groomsmen gifts a few months ago. The only difference is that I have about fifty pairs of shoes and I use the kit at least once a month to insure that I roam the streets freely and without a scuff mark to be seen anywhere. With my own wedding coming up, I got these kits as groomsmen gifts for my guys so they could stand up at the altar with me and match my flawless leather shoes. You must also be sure you don't just run out to the drug store and buy some off the shelf shoe polish. You need the whole shebang including an applicator, brushes, polish cloth and a shoehorn. That's right a shoe horn, stop cramming your index finger into the heel of your shoe while you do the toe to heel jiggle to get your shoe on. I know you know what I'm talking about too. Give our shoe care kit a try. If these aren't the best groomsmen gifts you've ever seen, we'll buy all of your old...wait...I've just been told we can't make that offer. Just buy the dang thing, and consider them for your guys for groomsmen gifts, too. From one shoe sicko to another, you'll love it, trust me.