What happens when wedded bliss turns into a wedding brawl?

gizzly bear fight.png

1. Texas Wedding Tussle

Galveston, Texas. Last September, Houston Astros pitcher Brandon Backe was arrested during a wedding brawl at a Galveston hotel bar. Backe, a groomsmen ignored the police when they told him to back away from the fight. One officer punched Backe twice in the face and it still didn't bring him down. The bride's father and brother were also arrested. Wedding Tip: If your buddies have been known to engage in good old fashioned Texas tussles, better rethink those engraved baseball bats as groomsmen gifts.

2. Cops Arrest Groomsmen

Lowell, MA. Getting arrested for disorderly conduct at a bachelor party? Bad Ass. Fist fights in formal attire? Unbecoming. Police in Lowell, Massachusetts arrested six members of a brawling wedding party. Over a dozen officers subdued the riotous crowd with pepper spray. We bet the groomsmen had trouble returning those blood-stained tuxes. Wedding Tip: Keep your tux clean. Remember, it's a rental and you will be charged extra if your tux comes back shredded.

3. When Jealous Sisters Attack

Valparaiso, IN. Ann Bicker could not stand her sister's wedding-day glow. Enraged over not receiving an invite to the nuptials, Bicker crashed the party and attacked the bride. She struck the bride in the head and pulled out clumps of her hair. Bicker should change her last name to "Bitter." Wedding Tip: You not only marry the bride; you marry her family. This groom needs to put a country between him and the Bicker family.

4. Russian Wedding Brawl

Somewhere in Russia. We don't know what started this violent Russian wedding brawl. Did this groom give his guys boxing lessons as groomsmen gifts? And how does the one guy's pants get ripped? Wedding Tip: Wedding etiquette says to always spring for the open bar. We agree, but there's one exception. If your family tends to duke it out in the parking lot after they've had one too many, keep them in control with a cash bar. People drink less when they have to pay for it.

5. Garter Toss Gone Wrong

We've seen brutal brawls erupt over the bouquet, but we've never seen guys fight this fiercely over the garter. Unlike the other wedding brawls, this "fight" is all in good fun. Obviously, the groomsmen watched a little too much UFC before the wedding.

Wedding Tip: If your crowd tends to get combative, ask your venue if they provide security.