7 Tell-Tale Signs You Blew Your Wedding Budget

Wedding Budget Blunders

  1. Your groomsmen gifts were personal handmade keepsake cards tailored to each of your friends.
  • It's the thought that counts, right? And the two dollars in material costs.
  • The closest your bachelor party got to having 'live entertainment' was the banter between your friends and a middle-aged woman named Flo working the Sunset lanes bowling alley.
    • As 'live entertainment' goes, Flo wasn't half bad. She out drank half your friends, and you lost five bucks in a bet. Who knew a 100 pound dame could inhale an entire cigarette in one mind-blowing draw?
  • You refinanced your house - again - to pay for the wedding rings.
    • It seemed like a good idea around this time last year...

  • You hired your second cousin Luigi's 80s hair cover band to play at your wedding because he offered to do it for an invitation.
    • The band received its loudest ovation when Luigi fell off the stage and onto his face in one drunken careening spectacle.
  • Your tux was the same color as the Pink Flamingos that litter the yards of Florida's retirement homes. At least it cost half as much as those useless plastic birds.
    • Your tuxedo has more crimps and ruffles than a tutu dress, and you're sporting so much polyester you begin to feel like an extra on "That 70s Show".
  • Your wedding night is booked for a stay at the nearby Motel Six
    • Your Honeymoon suite at Motel 6 comes complete with heart-shaped bathtub and a free continental breakfast. You wake up late the next morning, so you have to fight off a ten year old for the last warm waffle and a creme-filled do-nut.
  • Your first errand as a married couple, mere hours after being married. Do pawn shops accept gifts from newlyweds?
    • How much cash for all the toasters?

    Do any of the above scenarios sound familiar? There's more than a slight chance the weddings you know that parallel these encounters went drastically over budget.

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    If you know your wedding budget is going to be a squeeze heading into the home stretch, make sure it is still a success by keeping those wedding favors and groomsmen gifts under budget.