Move over sports-watching, tee-shirt-clad alpha groomsmen. There's a new guy coming to a city near you. He owns more Dolce sunglasses than your fiancee. He won't leave the house without his murse (man purse). When it comes to accessories, he has the metro-fecta: messenger bag, scarf, and fedora. Groomsmen gifts like barware and steak brands won't do for the cultured, museum-hopping debonair. Metro men prefer fashionable groomsmen gifts that keep pace with the pulsing city lifestyle. Here are a few suggestions from the groomsmen gifts expert.

Fashionable Leather Groomsmen Gifts

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If your buddy has a shoe surplus as most metro men do, give him this personalized leather shoeshine kit. When he steps into a room, everyone will notice. This handsome groomsmen gift keeps him stylish from tip to toe. Bonus beta-male points if he checks out his reflection in his shoes!

In general, cultured sophisticates like travel. A soft leather travel wallet makes a fashionable accessory for inside his equally fashionable and plush man bag. He can carry this artisan crafted wallet on his annual trip to the Louvre. It organizes airline tickets and credit cards but maintains that sleek look he loves. Plus, no bulky wallet bulge.

You'll never see a metro man with a hair out of place. This personalized shave kit makes his hour-long grooming process a joy. With a brown distressed leather exterior, it's cosmopolitan coupled with the rugged style of the Old West.

Wine Accessories

You'll notice metro men at art openings, always with a wine glass in hand. If your guys turn their noses up at Merlot, give them a few wine accessories as groomsmen gifts. With this personalized metro wine stopper he can give that unsightly bottle plug a rest and add posh sophistication to his favorite pinot.

wine glass set.jpg
Also consider giving a personalized wine glass set to each gentleman as groomsmen gifts. Wine glasses grace urban lofts of metro men everywhere. A wine glass set is the go-to gift for today's metro male.

Still not sure what to get the stylish urban male? Shop groomsmen gifts for the debonair. GroomStand offers groomsmen gifts for every guy!