Submitted on Jan 12, 2007 My story goes a little something like this. I knew I wanted to propose around Christmas time but not on Christmas because she had said in the past that she wanted it to be a suprise and on a holiday wouldn't be a total suprise. This past Christmas we had many differnt gathering to attend starting on the 23th through the 25th. So I figured that I would ask her on the 22nd so that we could share the good news with all our friends and family over the following days. So as the week went I was setting up the proposal so that it wouldn't come off as such a suprise. I first said that we should do something the Friday of the 22nd so that we could have some time to ourselves to do Christmas before the family and friends rush of events. We had decided to go out to eat and maybe a video after. I had told her to think of where she would want to go knowing that she wouldn't come up with anything and I made dinner reservations at Porters (a restaurant in the top a Mcamly Place in downtown Battle Creek, MI). Then latte in the week I told her about getting an email that lets you make your own crossword puzzels, because she is a huge fan of them. I didn't recieve any email, I was just setting her up for the proposal. I had went online and made a crossword puzzle that had clues like where did we meet, what was our first date,and where was our first kiss. I had come up with 14 or so clues and words with 4 words not having any clues. Those words being "Will you marry me?" So, as friday arrived I picked up some flowers after work and rushed home to beat her to my place. I hid the flowers so that she would get them after we get back from dinner (just a little something extra). After she arrived at my place we finished getting ready before going to eat. We got to the restaurant a little early so we had drink in the lounge and look over the city at night with all the Christmas lights it was beautiful. Then we had dinner and the moment was upon us. I took out the crossword puzzle and said, "oh here is that crossword I told you about." So she came around to my side of the table and she was working on it, while I was getting the ring ready under the table. After she finished and had the 4 spaces left I asked if she had it figured out? To which she said I think I know, and then I took her hand and asked her to marry me. She freaked out and said "YES," and then I gave her the ring and she freaked out even more. It was perfect, she cried a bit and laughed a bit. Event the waitress cried, the whole thing went perfect. Hope you like my story, Andy McCormack engaged 12/22/06 Think you've got what it takes to win the title SMarrying Man of the Month? Submit your story today!