Your groomsmen are an important and essential part of your wedding. They are the guys who you call your closest, guys who will be and are there for you. Now they may not be completely involved with your wedding, but what can you expect, they're guys. Yes they'll be there when you ask for something, but that doesn't mean you need to push or "delegate" any preparatory work their way, no matter what the wifey suggests. Just do your work and keep them there outside of that stress so you have something to go to when things get too hectic. They'll understand what's up and be fine doing their part to have fun, regardless of whether they're prepping too. That is the kind of bond that will last for a long time, making it even more important that you thank them when the wedding is all said and done. Nice groomsmen gifts can take many routes with you trying to match gifts to their likes and dislikes, but classic is always a good way to go. Cigars are a gift that most guys don't mind indulging in every now and then and all the joy and happiness at the wedding makes it a prime time to do so. The cigars are left up to you, quality and legality if you're looking to go cubano, but giving them the goodies to go with the stoogie is really where it's at. a four piece cigar set will get things going nicely for on the go, maybe a cherry wood humidor for at home, and regardless of location they're going to need something to spark up with, a sleek zippo lighter maybe? Even better is that you can get everything personalized so no matter how many similar gifts you have they'll each be for one person, a specific acknowledgment and thanks.