Wedding costs are always getting higher and it's important to keep an eye out for cost-cutting possibilities. There aren't many that are straight up savings, but taking the time to shop around and find the best price really works, though it does take up a lot of time. There are a few other ways where a little creativity can save you a bundle, namely stationary and centerpieces. You can have cheaper invitations made or you can get some okay ones beef them up to the quality you want on your own, just be creative. Same goes for the centerpieces. One lady put a bowl with rocks and a goldfish as her centerpiece. A goldfish is kind of cheap and easy, but if you wanted to put a more elegant fish in its still only a couple bucks, much cheaper than a flower arrangement. You can also manage your purchases concerning the cake by getting flat cake. You can have your tall and beautiful wedding cake still but with all the guests to serve it would work just as well to get a smaller wedding cake and have a flat cake of the same kind of cake to serve to guests. These savings don't stop there, you still have gifts, groomsmen gifts for you. Shopping sales works on this too, but that might not be the best idea for a personal gift. You want something that is suited just for whoever it is for, maybe a wallet (for all that money saved!) or something for drinking or even a hobby-based gift like golf. Maybe they aren't that personal to begin with either, but with an engraved name or message you can turn it into something special, regardless of cost.

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