Forget the dish set and frying pan. The economy is taking a big bite out of wedding budgets, but newlywed blog sites like and Wishpot give guests a chance to forgo the Macy's registry list and help the couple where they need it most - paying for the party.

Etiquette experts advise against taking wedding donations from guests. They compare setting up a PayPal account for wedding registry to charging admission at the door. We at GroomStand know weddings are expensive, but it's not like you have to put your groomsmen gifts on layaway. You just wouldn't mind help paying for the most important, not to mention expensive, day of your life.

Why PayPal Makes Perfect Sense for Wedding Gifts

After a few years in an apartment, you should have enough wine glasses and mixing bowls to fill the cupboards. The two of you are young, bright and likely eco-conscious. There's no reason to create extra waste with unnecessary kitchen replacements. Skip the new spatula, the best wedding gift your guests can give is a debt-free start at a new life together.

GroomStand Tip: While cash is a perfectly acceptable gift for the bride and groom, it does not make a good groomsmen gift.

Take these 5 tips if you plan to get your wedding sponsored or ask guests for a donation.

5 Ways to Request a Wedding Donation

1. We Already Take Cash. Why not a Credit Card?

Cash is the gift of choice for those who know they should bring a wedding gift, but are too lazy to pick one out. The main problem: people don't carry cash anymore. People are glad to make it rain Benjamins on the gift table, but if you don't have an ATM at the altar, you might be out of a gift.

PayPal makes it convenient for the uncreative gift giver. Just set up a wedding blog with a PayPal link. Even if guests forget about the registry list at home, they can make a last minute deposit from their iPhone while at the reception.

2. Give your Guests the Option to Donate

Aunt Mildred is set in her ways. If she doesn't like the idea of transferring funds to your PayPal account, let her choose a traditional gift from your wedding registry.

3. Be Political

Politicians have to sell their grand idea if they want funding. Your wedding is no different. Sure, no one will feel sorry for you when you say you're having trouble paying for your two-week Mediterranean cruise, but your guests will find more satisfaction when they know their money is going towards something practical. Ask them to vote YES on an unforgettable honeymoon.

4. Make it a Communal Experience

If you give people the option of funding your wedding, give them a vote on how the party should go down. is another newlywed blog that allows donators a chance to vote for specific wedding details like the best wedding cake design, or which car to use for the getaway ride.

5. Take Over an Event

One couple in Brooklyn, NY took their $100,000 wedding budget down to $20,000 by inviting corporate sponsors. By hosting their wedding at a minor league baseball game, Dave Kerpen and his new wife created an attractive venue for wedding advertisers -- 7,000 people showed. They found sponsors for the rings, dress and flowers in exchange for advertising space around the altar.