It's the big day, and you'd like to celebrate with your best chaps. If you're a frequent reader of the Groomblog for ideas on great groomsman gifts, you know by now that there is high praise for the Stainless Steel & Leather Flask with Cigar Holder. As one of our most popular items, this flask combines the great flavors of Cognac and tobacco in a sleek and stylish presentation. There is no better way to enjoy time with your groomsman - that is if you don't know how to properly light a cigar. Look no further, as we present the GroomStand guide to enjoying a cigar.

The perfect cigar cut

Almost all premium cigars have a closed head that require cutting before enjoying. This is a precise process, and since this is a premium cigar, it's advised not to be a jackass and bite off one end to prove your manhood.

The Goal:

Cut away enough rapper for a good, while still maintaining the structural integrity of the cigar.

Lighting a cigar

Firing up a cigar takes far more time and skill than a cigarette or a candle. Think of lighting a marshmallow. Hold it near the flame and rotate so the complete tip has access to the heat source. Make sure you do not hold your cigar directly in the flame, over lighting will decrease the quality of your tasty treat. Relighting the cigar after it is distinguished should not hurt the taste or quality. The Personalized Zippo and the Personalized Vertigo Cigar Torch Lighter both are proven to prevent the flame from blowing out in the wind, making them smart groomsmen gifts.

The first taste

Some aficionados prefer to make the first puff of the cigar outward to avoid nasty flavors like sulfur on matches or the taste of funky gas in lighters. Make sure you enjoy your cigar with puffs. Deep breaths of smoke in your lungs might cause you to cough, or if you're an infrequent smoker it might make you sick. And finally, preserve your stogies in one of our refined personalized cigar humidors.