...Or Try To

Where will you be when the glittery ball drops? New Year's Eve: a night to get tanked with your buddies or pop popcorn, watch Dick Clark and cuddle with your betrothed. The latter might not seem the most exciting, but you'll score...major points. Whatever your New Year's style, stay safe. If you and your buddies plan to paint the town drunk you'll need a few noisemakers (like your buddies aren't noisy enough), confetti, and groomsmen gifts full of your favorite libation. Just don't forget the designated driver - please!

Best New Year's Movie for New Year's Couch Cuddling: When Harry Met Sally Best New Year's Movie to get Ready for a Wild New Year's: 200 Cigarettes

Engraved Glassware and Barware for a Swanky Soiree

Don't schedule your bachelor party for New Year's Eve. It's seriously tempting to celebrate your last night as a single man on the biggest party night of the year - but don't. You'll miss the New Year's Eve kiss and your fiance will bring it up on New Year's 2010.. 2011... 2012... Twenty years from now, you'll regret it. New Year's Coed bachelor/bachelorette parties - fantastic idea. Except she might end up kissing a barrel-chested male stripper when the clock strikes midnight. Not so awesome.

Do have a kick-butt New Year's Eve bash and save the bachelor party for later. Don't let the bright lights, pounding music, and the promise of a balloon drop draw you in to a night club on New Year's. Been there - done that. Night club balloon drops have a hefty price tag (usually about $100 a head) and the ride home with a slurring friend - terrifying. Gather your band of brothers for a bash at your place. Check out our selection of engraved glassware and barware. And you can't have a proper New Year's Eve bash without shot glasses. Drinking straight out of the bottle is so frat boy. And no, New Year's Eve does not excuse any unseemly behavior. If you're throwing the party, keep in mind that you're the shot slinger. Be prepared: print out our previous GroomStand blog on shot recipes and shooters. It has all the shot recipes you need to pull off the perfect party.

As the old song goes: Should old acquaintances be forgotten and never brought to mind? Never! Get those old acquaintances personalized groomsmen gifts from GroomStand.com.