Personalized Golf Ball Bottle Opener

A wise man once said, "You don't want just any bottle opener out on the course." Truer words have never been spoken. Granted, you can buy cans of beer at the snack shack. And, of course, plastic bottles are readily available from the great looking cart girl, but what if you want to bring your own six-pack of Moretti or Corona? You can't open the bottle of your favorite brewskies with a divot fixer...well, you CAN, technically, but why frustrate yourself? This awesome little personalized golf ball bottle opener not only epitomizes your favorite sport, but it's durable, heavy, classy and personal. If your groomsmen love to hit the links, they'll love showing their foursome buddies how to pop the top with class, dignity and as an added bonus, the actual silver plated ball is nice and shiny, so if your competition is trouncing you in the skins game, simply point the shiny ball at the sun and blind him in the middle of his downswing. There are no limits to the spirit of competition I always say. For a groomsmen gift that truly has multiple uses, you can't go wrong with this little beauty.

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