That's poker face with a new england accent, funny how that works. Winter is here though and so are the holidays, which means family and friends are gathering to spend time together and exchange gifts. Now, even with the holiday time, you might not always be able to hang out with the guys, but here's one way to try and get away for a break and some beer, "it's groomsmen bonding time!" The lady might not buy that though so you'll probably be better off with something like "groomsmen wedding planning". Whatever the case, once you're out there's one thing you should be ready for: Poker night. Sitting around with your buddies and soon to be groomsmen and throwing some cards and chips around is some fun and relaxing competition. A few brews and/or drinks to go with the game and you'll really feel yourself unwind and have some fun. It'll be even more fun when you've got an amazing poker set to play with too. Or all of you. Your groomsman gift will be easy to find and decide on with such a wide selection of poker sets available. With the sets ranging from surfside bar to sportsman and tiki set to biker design and every other sport and pub style available you'll have a fun time selecting sets to match your individual groomsmen, not to mention the free personalization they'll get with it. Poker nights will be an entirely new kind of night when you all get to decide what the poker theme will be. Yet, somehow we're sure it'll still include some beer and other drink!