It's baseball season, guys, and if you're getting married in the spring then you might want to consider adding some baseball and apple pie on the groomsmen gifts list. I have very rarely come across a guy who doesn't have a team that he grew up rooting for when he was a kid. He's likely still following that team today. He probably still checks the box scores in the morning sports page and curses the closer that gave up that ninth inning home-run last night while conjuring up images of sitting on that first base line as a ten year-old while wearing his mitt. Who doesn't have that memory of ball park dogs and cotton candy forever ingrained in the far recesses of their brain? In little league, high school and college if they went that far, your groomsmen probably know the sound of a metal bat, but nothing compares to that sweet crack of lumber that only the big leaguers use. Baseball season and wedding season seem to coincide every year, so why not marry the two with your groomsmen gifts? Marriage isn't just for him and her, after all.

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