Yes, we would like to pay your groomsmen a major homage in support of their nasty tobacco habit. If you're going to smoke, better it be a big, fat, beautiful and expensive stogie than a nasty, awful cigarette, right? Besides, you're not supposed to inhale a cigar anyway. Everyone knows that. Well, habit forming or not, if your groomsmen love to partake in an occasional cigar, the Personalized Cigar Humidor will make a great gift for your all important best guy buds. You've likely seen a plethora of really cool cherry, and fancy wood humidors in your shopping travels, but I highly doubt you'll find gifts like this that are personal, and not just personalized with initials, these groomsmen gifts are personalized with a name, year established and makes it seem like your old pal John Smith has been rolling cigars in his very own cigar factory for years. They'll get a kick out of it, and most importantly they won't have those expensive little brown-rolled burners getting dried up and crusty. Need a little on-the-go action for your guys? Need a drink to go with your smoke? Spend some time clicking around the site and if we don't have the best gifts around for your groomsmen, we'll be a monkey's uncle. And we'll even tape it and post it on YouTube. (Not really though).

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