That's right, hire a wedding planner. According to Susan Kinzie of The Washington Post, spending on weddings has nearly doubled in the past 15 years rising to an estimated $80-$161 Billion nationally. In the last four years, almost every expense has increased more than 20 percent as people added days of events, gifts for all the guests, elaborate lighting, and all other sorts of extras promoted by magazines, TV shows and the rest of the marital-industrial complex. With figures like that it's not a surprise that more than a third of couples outspend their wedding budget. An industry booming as much as this means a demand for wedding planners who know their peau de soie from their charmeuse and who are able to coordinate timing and details such as flowers, music and hors d'oeuvres is vital. One important thing to do if you decide to hire a wedding planner is continue to research costs on your own. Not every wedding planner for hire is a good one who will be fighting to keep your costs down. Still, having a wedding planner will help get a majority of the work off of your plate which is something that will make you both very happy. So if you decide you need to trim some costs from your wedding, a planner might not be the place to trim. Just something to keep in mind.