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Step right up for the world's weirdest cufflinks!

Stonehenge Cufflinks

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We get why everyone loves Stonehenge. But part of the Stonehenge mystery is its massiveness and it loses that when zapped down to cufflink size.

When you show people your sleeves, you'll have to explain your cufflinks. "Look it's Stonehenge," and the person ultimately answers, "oh...I guess I could see it." Who wants to do that all night? A groomsman gift gone wrong. (Cufflinks found at Squidoo.

Antler Cufflinks

We like antlers just as much as the next guy. But not enough to sport them on the sleeves. Set these antler cufflinks free! They're unsightly, look uncomfortable, and remind us of Bambi.

Can you say Redneck Wedding? If you can't, these will. (Antler cufflinks from Coto Luxe.)

PacMan Cufflinks

PacMan has the irresistible cuteness some appreciate in a cufflink. But these cufflinks make a childish statement and give the impression that instead of going on dates, you spent every night of your ephemeral teenage years in the arcade, hunched over games.

Not sexy. Not suave. But if you want everyone to know you were once a PacMan-playing, pimple-faced geek, go for it. (Pac-Man Cufflinks found at Geek Alerts).

Bull and Bear Cufflinks

It's a brutal economy. What a wonderful time to get $6,700 bull-and-bear cufflinks with freaky diamond eyes! Let's wait until there's harmony in the market before we bring these two stubborn animals together. (Bull and Bear Cufflinks from Elite Choice).

Cell Phone Cufflinks

Are we past the whole obsession with the cell phone? It's not even the latest technology. Now you can wear miniature cell-phone cufflinks. Seriously lame. These cufflinks are better suited for chatty teenage girls than men. (Cell Phone Cufflinks from Geek Alerts.

Tire Cufflinks

Cufflinks should make you feel like the Great Gatsby not the Michelin Man. Tire cufflinks should only be worn by men who work as a mechanic, or watch NASCAR religiously. Casual cufflinks won't go over well with the bride. Unless your wedding reception includes the words "Pitt Stop." (Tire Cufflinks from Etsy)

Pair of Pigs Cufflinks

Homer J. Simpson owns the weirdest cufflinks ever! Who could forget his pair of pigs? These bride and groom pig cufflinks will be in your nightmares tonight. Is that blood next to the groom pig's mouth? And is it just us, or does it look like someone tried to roast these pigs? Shudder. (Pig Cufflinks from

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