In getting ready and planning his wedding, what more could a groom need than this: My Wedding Hero. A first-of-its-kind Internet-based software program that acts as a comprehensive wedding planning tool, this guy will keep your plans running along smooth and organized. It obviously wont help a groom get the courage to confront his mother-in-law or restrain himself later on in his bachelor party, but what can? What My Wedding Hero does allow is for the groom to create a list of To-Do wedding items by date and the person responsible for the task (if you don't know yet this includes getting fitted for a tux, booking honeymoon travel, planning the rehearsal dinner, showing up at the bachelor party, buying the groomsmen gifts and getting ready for the big day). The online software allows the groom to tag similar items to create a group and send email reminders to himself, his bride-to-be, and anyone in the wedding party or on the guest list. Now it does cost $25 a month to use (after its free 5-day trial), but keeping stress free and well organized for 25 bucks sounds a lot better than struggling to manage everything and saving a couple bucks. Check it out though and see if it's something in your ballpark.