A nice little article from joystiq gave us an update on the most requested newlywed gift at amazon.com, and we think they'd work as gifts for your groomsmen too if you want your buddies to love you forever. Their wedding registry shows that it is no other than Nintendo's Wii gaming console. It's probably because of the Wii sports games that anyone of any age can enjoy, not to mention the fun a little competition brings to any relationship. There are plenty of other games that the groom and groomsmen can enjoy now, or will soon, in addition to the games the ladies will be wanting to play (i.e. Metroid, Resident Evil, Medal of Honor). The one downside is that it's out of stock on amazon.com, but you can always go for Amazon's number two: a pyrex 10-piece food storage set! Instead you might just want to try someplace else for newlywed gifts, but of course you never know when that tupperware might come in handy. Perhaps it'll be when you only have time to be eating leftovers during your few-and-far-between breaks from the Wii.

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