Let's face it, these awesome devices that bring us digital quality, head banging tunes all in a tiny and very expensive package, need to be protected at all times. I can't tell you how many times I have just shoved my Nano in my pocket then headed off for a run. Very recently I accidentally took off for a run wearing shorts with no pockets and had to run while carrying it in my hand. I felt like an idiot, but my only saving grace was watching another guy running across the street doing the EXACT same thing! If your groomsmen are runners, or even if they aren't, these Personalized iPod Holders are awesome groomsmen gifts. If you personalize them with up to three initials, (free by the way) then no fellow runners in the household can miraculously say that they just happened to buy the exact same leather iPod carrier as you, so get one for yourself while you're groomsmen gifts shopping. It can clip right to your waistband so whether you're wearing pocketless shorts or, heaven forbid Speedos, while you run, you are covered. Lastly, I don't know how I managed to do it, but in addition to dropping my iPod a dozen times, I also always seem to get crumbs of every kind stuck to the wheel, inside the earpiece hole and every where else. This is an awesome way to protect, carry and enjoy your slick device, and it's perfect for groomsmen gifts. What the heck did we do before these bad boys were invented?

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