There is no better way to honor the memory of Michael Jackson than making a half-ass drunken attempt to copy his dance moves at your wedding. The moon walk, the leg kick, or even the crotch grab sound easy on paper, but when people try it on the dance floor, they're bad... they're bad, you know it! As the Smooth Criminals we are at, we scoured the internet on an extensive 15 minute search of the best and worst Michael Jackson themed dance videos for your enjoyment.

Because It's a Thriller - To See Your Friends Dance Like This

Thriller is the go to group wedding dance. Here's a co-ed group that obviously went the extra mile with some dance lessons, and it totally shows!

These groomsmen made a good effort. Even though most of the background dancers already have the dance qualities of the undead, it seems the choreography starts to suffer after a few nips off the old personalized flask (which makes great groomsmen gifts if you're not springing for the dance lessons).

At least those guys put in some extra time on the parquet. If you don't put in the practice time, you'll end up looking like a group of drunken former cheerleaders (which isn't a bad thing at a wedding if you look the part).

The Michael Jackson Montage

It takes some extra dedication to pull off a montage of MJ's hits from the 80's (we'd all like to pretend the Michael Jackson of the 90's never happened). These moves take a ton of coordination, a half-way sober mind and enough practice that says you Don't Stop Till You Get Enough.

The problem with some of these choreographed dances is that the dancers might take it a step too far. Based on the look of these groomsmen, someone needs to remind them that they don't have a dance contract on the line.

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