Listen we're in the groomsmen gifts business so anything wedding related is all right with us, but I'd like to officially welcome you to 2007 where you can get everything your heart desires at the twitch of a fingertip - including your future wife. We truly are in a brand new era when emails are becoming obsolete for meeting new people. WSJ online printed an interesting article about a new company, MeetMoi who matches people up by text messaging. They charge a nominal fee of .99 cents for 10 text messages but most importantly if you feel the need to soup up your social life you need to only text MeetMoi your location and within minutes you will be linked with someone who will send you their profile and they'll also be in your area. This works great if you don't have the time to wait to respond to emails. Wait...did I actually just say that? Emails are instantaneous for crying out loud. My dad still to this day has never even turned on a computer (yes he's still alive). Okay, that's clearly not the norm and I have no idea how he functions, and I'm not a hater of this new technology of having a potential future bride only a fingertip away at any given moment in time. BUT I'm simply in awe of where we are with the technology abilities that we have and wonder if it somehow desensitizes us just a tad. It probably does, and I'd like to discuss it further but I just got a text from FLRTYNLA 24F so I gotta jam. TTYL.

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