Wedding cakes, like groomsmen gifts should be tasteful and classy, right? Wrong. When it comes to wedding cakes, we prefer hilariously bad camo confections (bonus points if there's a deer head on top), NASCAR cakes, beer cakes, and baseball cakes. Grooms, take back the cake and show your soon-to-be bride the wedding cake you really want.

In GroomStand's Manly Wedding Cake of the Week, you won't find pretty, pearly cakes or cascading champagne fountains. Our manly wedding cake of the week goes to the Black Widow Bakery for their beauteous beef cake.

What impressed us most about this cake wasn't the frosted t-bone on top, although it's a nice touch. The cake is a master of visual deception. What looks like fondant is actually mashed potatoes. The baker used ketchup and Worcestershire sauce to create the jelly-like filling. And what resembles fluffy fruit cake is actually homemade meatloaf.

Best of all, the baker describes the cake's creation step-by-step. So if you want to get your hands in a bowl of beef and try to replicate this manly masterpiece, go right ahead. GroomStand Hint: If your guys are mega-meat maniacs, give them steak-brand irons as groomsmen gifts.

If you had an ultra-manly cake at your wedding, comment below and send us a picture! Shop for groomsmen gifts and everything else you'll need on the Big Day.