The bachelor party is all about fun in the sun, staying hydrated with booze and hangin' with hot chicks who you hope to never see again. When the bros and you are out proving your manhood, make sure each feat of dudeness is met with equally rewarding groomsmen gifts.

Bachelor Party Games

Game #1: "Scavenger Hunt." This is your best shot at some crazy antics, or a fat slap in the face. Here's a list of stuff you should do or acquire throughout the night:

  • A woman to do a body shot with
  • Find as many condoms as possible
  • Serenade a girl you've never met before
  • Dance by yourself on the dance floor
  • Find some adult products for the honeymoon
  • A piece of woman's clothing
  • A kiss from a girl with the same name as the fianc
Personalized Rubber Grip 13-Function Army Knife.jpg

The winner of the scavenger hunt receives groomsmen gift of a Rubber Grip 13-Function Army Knife for being so crafty.

Game #2: "Photo Contest." Figure out what you want to get the most photos with beforehand. Teams of two or more try to take the most pictures of the following: cougar hunt (women over 40 - or actual cougars) hottest chicks, not so hottest chicks, or most women. The hard and fast rule is that each bachelor must have a drink in his left hand for the photo. If he's caught with the drink in his right, he has to chug what's left. If there is no drink in the picture, he has to buy the next round.

island shot glass.jpg

Winner receives the groomsmen gift of a shot glass.

Game #3: "Worst Toast Ever" Everyone in the group needs to write up and deliver the worst possible toast to be delivered at the wedding based on the groom's history. Don't be shy to mention ugly ex-girlfriends, throw-up moments and stupid stuff you'd never want the bride's parents to know about.


Winner receives the groomsmen gift of a personalized pen with "Best-Worst Toast Giver-Ever."

Game #4: "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." Since the rhyme has to do with the bride, the object of the game will be for each groomsman to collect one drink of each category from women in the bar. Give it a time limit, and no double dipping.
stainless steel flask.jpg

The first groom to find a drink that's old, new, borrowed and blue wins the groomsmen gift of an engraved flask.

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