Three flat-screen TVs, all tuned to football. A deer head mounted on the wall. A full bar with neon-lit pub signs, beer steins, and shot glasses. Sound like a dream? No - that's a man cave my friend. The beauty of the man cave is this: while your fiance spends all her time picking out throw pillows and duvets, you can steak your claim in the basement or with a few of your friends, a "no-girls allowed sign", and some manly groomsmen gifts.

Welcome to Man Town Before you go spelunking inside the man-cave, mark your territory so your new wife doesn't turn it into a lady's lounge. We recommend you don't lift your leg like a wild beast. A personalized pub sign does the trick. Hanging up a pub sign sets the tone for rowdy times yet to come. For instance, this football pub sign says, "Superbowl" and this Tiki tavern sign says "Surfs Up." If you select multiple pub signs, make sure they coordinate with the same theme.
Inside the Man Cave

You want a man cave fit for a king, not a caveman. Start with a giant, over-stuffed couch. Buy leather if you can afford it. We know, the wedding and those groomsmen gifts cost a lot. But leather means easy clean up after your drunken buddies. To make it a true man-cave, you'll also need a wet bar and multiple televisions - so you can watch two (or even three) football games at the same time. When your man-cave is finally furnished, add the finishing touch with barware. These football beer steins and shot glasses are perfect for heavy drinkers. Or you could bring out these wine glasses for the wusses in your group.

Just because it's a man cave doesn't mean it has to look like a cave. You can make it upscale a la Hugh Hefner (sans polygamy) with a few smoking jackets, a giant theater, and cigar humidors.

Every guy needs time to unwind away from his wife's girly world. A man cave provides a place where men can yell at the tv, burp, grunt, and fart without scowls from the ladies. We like to think of it as paradise. Decorate your man cave the right way with groomsmen gifts and more from Groomstand.